We at Kloud9 promise our clients substantial savings both in terms of cost and time.

Enterprise Accelerator

Our experience of working with multiple Fortune 500 companies and some of the world’s best startups, has given us the dexterity to identify the perfect set of cutting edge ‘Enterprise Accelerators’. This promises our clients to bring in substantial savings both in terms of cost and time.

The accelerators have been built using open source (No IP/Licensing restrictions) frameworks and follow Next-Generation Enterprise Architecture standards. Our accelerators can be easily plugged into any enterprise solution without any IP restriction.

Automata is a framework for continuous delivery platforms, that is concentrated on cloud operational excellence and time to market, with no hassle of setting up manual delivery pipelines. Automata is fully integrated with Google cloud and container engine, but with rich extensible features for other cloud platforms too. This helps us in creating more reliable, highly resilient and fault tolerant microservices.

Automata Infra

Automata-Infra framework facilitates infrastructure for deploying microservices. It provides the ability to create and customize different components as per requirement, takes cares of necessary parameter values, prompts the user to enter correct data and maintains all activity data performed by the user.

What Does Automata Infra Solve?

Automata-infra enables operations team to infrastructure components easily as per their requirements. Version 1.0.0 provides various functionalities like admin permissions for the user account to access any environment, user sign up – login, listing existing automata deployments, downloading sample configuration template, creating – updating deployment, deleting deployment by logging all activities. Also, Automata has a role based access control system which tracks each user activity like deployments, sign up, logins and logouts.

Automata Micro

Automata micro automates the whole CI/CD pipeline and deployment orchestration without any manual intervention. Its core is built with microservices in mind. It makes the complex microservices deployment from development to production in easy and manageable way using simple to use YAML configuration file

What Does Automata Micro Solve?

With Automata Micro, developers and operations can have a peace of mind by just focusing on productive work avoiding all the repeated tasks. Once the code is pushed to the source control system, automata micro kicks in and it does all the heavy lifting for you. You can track each and every stage of your deployment pipeline with easy to navigate micro UI along with real-time tracking and logging. Also, Automata has a role-based access control system which tracks each user activity like deployments, logins, rollbacks and so on.