Kloud9 promises to lay the foundation and pave each step for your transition into the cloud journey.


Kloud9 was founded with the vision of bridging the gap between E-commerce and cloud. The E-commerce of any industry is limiting and poses a huge challenge in terms of the finances spent on physical data structures.

At Kloud9, we know migrating to the cloud is the single most significant technology shift your company faces today. We are your trusted advisors in transformation and are determined to build a deep partnership along the way. Our cloud and retail experts will ease your transition to the cloud.


At Kloud9, we recognize that the initiation to cloud begins with understanding the economics of the business at hand, the application readiness assessment, selecting the right cloud provider and developing an adoption strategy that best fits your needs. We understand that cloud adoption across a whole enterprise is a major undertaking and may seem like an unaffordable solution in terms of time. Therefore, we have developed standard “Fit-for” methodologies that can shorten adoption across your organization.


Cloud provides the agility that powers the application which is achieved through the evolution of agile software development. Our DevOps engineers help you provide the right support for continuous integration/continuous deployment. This will ease the stress by enabling you to focus only on delivering the features that matter most to your customers at the earliest possible.


Cloud native applications require going through re-engineering of your applications to improve the agility in a hybrid cloud environment. Kloud9 focuses on re-engineering tightly coupled monolithic applications into loosely coupled microservices. This aids in taking advantage of the high performance and the low-cost cloud services. With our combination of onsite and offshore expert developers, technical leads and architects, we can re-engineer your applications to be cloud-native while lowering your development and migration costs.


The retail market has the inevitable need to be on the best of the game. With high-end competition that is constantly emerging and evolving, Kloud9 strives to give your business the winning edge in the market. We have handpicked and mastered a unique set of skill sets including forecasting and clustering which empowers your business for the future. Our expertise in areas of Big data analytics and predictive analysis enables you to look at the bigger picture for your business.