Our Enterprise accelerators are ready-to-use business application components that help you develop custom software solutions quicker. Built using open source frameworks and following Next-Generation Enterprise Architecture standards, our accelerators can be easily plugged into any enterprise solution.


Automata is a one-click deployment framework for the continuous delivery platform that is concentrated on cloud operational excellence and time to market, with the automated configuration of delivery pipelines. Fully integrated with all the GCP, Azure and AWS, it reduces the manual intervention & also ensures security and throughput while addressing and controlling the access at user/environment levels.

Competitive Edge

Score high on the key business metrics of time, effort, cost, & quality


Shorten time-to-market with prebuilt, pretested application components

Quality Solution

Reduce risks with tested, reliable, scalable & responsive applications

Personalized Solution

Get a customized solutions to address your specific business pain points

Market Scope

Closely monitoring specific markets, customer segments, and competitors

Cost Optimization

Develop strategic cost management models throughout product life cycle