Why Partner With KLOUD9

“Helping Enterprises Across Retail, Consumer, Manufacturing & Healthcare Make Smart Decisions.”


Innovation Labs

We leverage cutting edge technologies to create future proof products that help our clients stay ahead of the curve

Result Driven

We break traditional job roles enabling
people to do whatever it takes
to reach completion.

Open-Door Policy

In order to help us identify errors and find
solutions quickly, we have adopted a
transparent system.

Proactive Approach

Our primary business motto is to enable our customers for the future of retail and we are focused on creativity and the bombardment of new ideas to keep up our promise.

Corporate Responsibility

We use our resources to ensure there is a
positive social transformation and ensure
well-being of people and

Setting New Horizons

Our innovative solutions are a result of constant trial and error and also the hunger to discover new heights technologically. We constantly push our own boundaries

Use Cases Adapted by a Majority of Manufacturers

Smart Predictive Maintenance

Kloud9 ML models help to predict when the machine or the equipment is likely to fail and recommend the optimal schedule to undertake maintenance activities to avoid breakdown. Manufacturers can leverage the insights through data to analyze the root causes and identify the drivers of equipment downtime to avoid such scenarios in the Future.

Smart Quality Inspection

 Kloud9 ML models help to detect quality defects through computer vision/image recognition technology.

Demand Planning

 Kloud9 ML solutions help to predict future demand for products by learning from patterns in demand and environmental data. Manufacturers and brands that leverage ML solutions to predict the changes in customer demand can make the necessary changes to the production schedules and raw material procurement with more clarity and confidence.

Process Management and Quality Improvement

 Manufacturers use Kloud9’s Data+ AI/ML solutions to closely monitor operations and understand the attributes that significantly affect product quality.

Resource Optimization

Using Kloud9’s Cognitive Intelligence solutions, manufacturers make the best use of their resources; to ensure worker health and safety, optimize energy efficiency of manufacturing processes and facilities, improve factory floor scheduling and more.