Cognitive Transformation for Healthcare Organizations Leveraging the Power of Data + AI/ML

According to Deloitte The Future of Health™ , “By 2040, Healthcare as we know it today will no longer exist. There will be a fundamental shift from “Healthcare” to “health.” And while disease will never be completely eliminated, through science, data, and technology, we will be able to identify it earlier, intervene proactively, and better understand its progression to help consumers more effectively and actively sustain their well-being. The future will be focused on wellness and managed by companies that assume new roles to drive value in the transformed health ecosystem.”

Today, adopting technology and cognitive transformation is no longer just an option but a necessity for Healthcare organizations to stay relevant and compete in the market. Some of the challenges that Healthcare organizations face include delays in technology adoption and regulatory compliance related complexities.  

Digital disruptors have noticed that Healthcare institutions are initially hesitant to be adopters of modern technologies, possibly due to institution-specific factors or the type of technology being introduced. Unprecedented events, such as COVID-19 and it’s related travel restrictions, are often the biggest catalyst for adoption of new technologies. Healthcare organizations are considering cognitive technologies because they offer impressive gains through Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech Recognition, and more.

According to the report published by Allied Market Research,“ The global AI in Healthcare Market generated $8.23 billion in 2020, and is estimated to reach $194.4 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 38.1% from 2021 to 2030.” 

Kloud9’s robust Cognitive Intelligence solutions for Healthcare assists hospitals and health establishments to optimize performance, enhance patient engagement, empower collaboration and improve operational insights. Our core capabilities lie in best-of-the-breed technologies like Data, AI, ML and Cloud. Kloud9 cognitive solutions transform health, smartly!  With our “AI-First” approach, we put in place the required tools, insights, workflows, and the flexible technology infrastructure for our Healthcare customers to succeed in the modern health system.

Key Features Of Kloud9’s Healthcare Offerings Include


Data Conveners to store individual, population, institutional, and environmental data

Data Science and insights engine to derive valuable insights and define algorithms


Data and platform infrastructure builders that can develop and manage site-less health infrastructure to connect consumers and health stakeholders data

Cut through complex data sets to deliver quicker and better decisions


Optimize clinical, operational and financial performance based on analytic insights

Improve patient experiences


Increase accuracy of diagnostics

Protect health information


Digital technologies including data, analytics, AI and ML will be fundamental for Healthcare organizations to reduce cost of care, streamline processes, and achieve better outcomes. 

Data will be used to drive the future of health!

Cognitive Transformation Will Accelerate The Future Of Healthcare

Some use cases of Cognitive Transformation in the Healthcare industry include

Figure 5. Current and emerging cognitive technology applications for health plans
Application Application Type Potential Benefits

Automate prior authorization process

  • Automatically read and analyze treatment requests, patient product clinical information, and clinical and policy guidelines
  • Generate preauthorization recommendations.
Product Process
  • Faster, more consistent results
  • Reduced staff time
  • Lower costs

Improve care management

  • Identify high-risk patients
  • Identify effective interventions
  • Personalize engagement
  • Develop holistic view of patients
Insight Product
  • Higher treatment adherence
  • Better health outcomes
  • Lower costs

Improve population health management

  • Identify high-risk populations
  • Identify effective interventions
Insight Product
  • Better health outcomes
  • Lower costs

Detect fraud, waste, and abuse

  • Lower costs

Automate de-identification of patient records

  • Greater privacy
  • Faster results
  • Lower costs

Automate member service

  • Enable members to interact with virtual agents using natural language
  • Automatically provide relevant, personalized answers to member questions
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Lower costs

Support market and product strategy

  • Identify customer segments
  • Design products tailored to segments
  • Greater product relevance to consumers
  • Better strategies

Enhance provider networks/create value-based networks

  • Improved access to affordable, quality care
  • Improve patient satisfaction

Manage pricing and risk

  • Augment actuarial capabilities
  • Improved pricing for value-based care.
  • Smarter management of risk pricing

Marketing and sales

  • Analyze customer sentiment
  • Automate marketing processes
  • Automate sales process using guided selling
Product Process
  • Greater customer insight
  • Greater marketing effectiveness
  • Personalized offerings

Image Source: Deloitte Insights,0/1/1/3/39/25/0:169

Kloud9’s Data Experts enable Healthcare organizations to review their IT strategies to discover opportunities to apply cognitive technologies like Data, AI, ML. Our Cognitive Transformation plans enhance Healthcare products, services and offering, automates key processes, and forges insights that can guide strategy, improve operations, and help them compete and thrive in a new era of digital Healthcare.

If your Healthcare organization is looking to unlock the potential of  Data + AI/ML technologies, to optimize your resources and enhance decision making process, then Kloud9 has got you
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