Driving Technology’s Limitless Potential At Our Innovation Lab!!!

Every year, Kloud9 invests heavily in researching and developing new technology and it is evident in the innovative services and solutions that we offer. We assure you that no one can give you perfectly crafted digital solutions, the way we can. Our unique hybrid delivery model helps us to leverage our expert talent across geographies to build and innovate cost effective solutions for our customers.

Our Innovation Lab in Kraków, Poland was created as an incubator for next-generation solutions and to stimulate creativity, ignite collaboration by exploring and scaling solutions. The objective of our Innovation Lab is to establish a one-stop shop – one that provides clients with cutting-edge Data Science & AI/ML solutions. These services are necessary for them to evolve into organizations of the future; across industries such as Retail & Consumer Goods, Healthcare and Manufacturing. Our Innovation Lab leverages design thinking & agile approach for continuous and rapid innovation of solutions for clients across industries.

At Kloud9’s Innovation Lab, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of digital transformation with our Data Services and AL/ML solutions – making it possible for clients and customers to see the implications of planned data based decisions, in every step of their decision making strategy. We work with all the latest AI/ML tools like TensorFlow, Amazon SageMaker, Azure ML, IBM Watson, Apache Spark, Hadoop, and more to build machine learning algorithms that describe recurring patterns and predict actions and outcomes when new data with similar patterns arise.

We have a workforce of over 20 Data Scientists who build some of the finest AI/ML solutions that meet and exceed customers business goals.

If you are a customer or strategic partner looking to partner with us with a core focus to develop innovations that solve enterprise challenges, then get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to assist you in your end-to-end digital transformation journey.

Our ML Stack

At Kloud9, We Use Next Generation Cutting Edge AI/ML Applications and Platforms.

Helping organizations build perfectly crafted solutions!!!

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