Our Machine Learning models gives organizations the room to strategize their business decisions based on insights derived from programs that iteratively learn and develop to make more accurate decisions. Our algorithms help in data-driven decisions that define the retailers’ success.

Aggregate Information

Collect disparate data from various data sources for training ML models

Algorithm Selection

Assess credibility of particular algorithm for data analysis & prediction

Train the Model

Train the optimization models without reinforcing existing AI biases

Optimize Algorithms

Retrain ML models with fresh datasets to fine tune prediction mechanism

Apply Predictive Models

Application of the ML models with real-time data for making predictions

Iterative Learning

Close the prediction loop with feedback mechanism from new datasets


Kloud9’s Machine Learning Services will reduce the need for complex software programming by taking advantage of Big Data and mastering self-learning complex algorithms for delivering tasks autonomously. Our machine learning solutions cut down programming time and costs dramatically thereby enabling enterprises to concentrate on core activities. 

Price Optimisation

Adapt your pricing strategies in real time to meet market trends

Network Anomaly Detection

Deploy models to detect network intrusions and rogue services in the network

Customer Sentiment Analysis

Aggregate sentiments in to customer insights to in depth personalization


Enable merchants with insights to innovate their offerings to the customers

SCM Optimization

Accurately predict demand to improve associate and logistics planning

Content Customization

Curate and customize content across channels and demographies for a more personalized experience