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Kloud9 has been founded by people who have helped retailers in business expansion and revenue growth for over 20 years. Our consulting and technology implementation expertise spans across the length and breadth of the retail industry. We understand that in today’s complex enterprise supply chain, no application is capable of standing completely alone, so during implementation, we make sure that your supply chain platform seamlessly interacts with all other systems in the retail technology ecosystem within your organization.

Continuous innovation in retail technology has been our core. Our implementation projects have included process design work, custom enhancements, integration with automation systems and multiple successful infrastructure migrations. Our innovation lab in Poland leverages Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to develop self-learning complex algorithms for delivering tasks autonomously, price optimization, customer
sentiment analysis, network anomaly detection and maintain cost control of the supply chain of some of North America’s largest retailers.

Invincible Software. Exceptional Results.

RELEX Solutions has been the quickest to innovate on its unified retail planning technology, their cloud-native Living Retail Platform delivers pragmatic AI across all retail functions and at retail scale, eradicating siloes, rigidities and inefficiencies along the way. RELEX’s end-to-end SaaS solutions offer a fast lane to value that builds from a foundation of radically improved demand forecasting and supply chain optimization.

Businesses can leverage this enhanced supply chain visibility into exponential benefits, optimizing their space, allocation, workforce, pricing and promotion strategies, all within one unified platform.

Partner Advantage:

  • Kloud9 retains experts that will help maximize your RELEX investment and assist with overcoming challenges to transform your business. Our business and technical consultants bring valuable knowledge and perspective. We collaborate with RELEX regarding product features and functions, implementation practices and more, which helps us integrate with your team to deliver exceptional results.
  • Using RELEX’s defined customer enablement methodologies, we can build on standard product functionality to provide your operation with the unique solution it requires while still maintaining the solid core of RELEX’s SaaS capabilities.
  • Our implementation team is handpicked to embody the exact characteristics that businesses need. We understand your industry, environment and your specific business configurations, inside and out.
  • Due to our close strategic partnership with RELEX and regular meetings with their development teams, we ensure strong outcomes for our joint customers.

Kloud9 and RELEX have forged a strong alliance with a vision to help customers maximize benefits, increase satisfaction, and achieve high performance. A shared focus on innovation and technological advancements makes Kloud9 the first choice for RELEX implementations.

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We understand that undertaking a Retail project of this magnitude can bring many topics to the forefront. Reach out to us today, we’re happy to walk through them with you.

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